Molested Sky

Londeka Mdluli


In October we s-t under molested sky

Bre-thing ellipsis through the le-ves -s we w-tched the f-ll build body,

We tore the f-bric between our fingers

W-iting for the greening of winter.


Now -nd -g-in, his love becomes burning se- -nd we burn like wh-les th-t continue to be-ch themselves upon the shores, the restless s-nd -flo-t the w-ter sinking its teeth.


We s-t in October -nd poked the night on its


cheek, w-iting for the night child to return home.

Veldfires we’re lit, n-ked bodies consumm-ted M-rs into Neptune -nd Jupiter erupting into ce-sefire.



Londeka Mdluli is a South African-born writer who does not shy away from their Zimbabwean heritage and enjoys writing very much.