My Dead Friend

Nicole Appleby


It’s just a fucked up algorithm, but my dead friend keeps celebrating his birthday on Facebook. We tried to tell the machine he died, but it didn’t care. Maybe it doesn’t believe in death. Maybe he died before his time and the machine is just waiting for all of it to catch up and make itself right. Maybe he is in Albuquerque yukking it up, except we found him hanging in the garage, so I don’t think that could be it. Maybe there is a Dead Friend Facebook that I don’t know about, where all our dead friends are trying to communicate with the living. Anyway, with all of the advances in technology you’d think that my dead friend would just be allowed to be dead. Maybe someone should call someone. Maybe the machine won’t shut down his account without a password. Maybe no one knows his password. Maybe that’s why he killed himself. One. Two. Three. Make a wish. Blow.



Nicole Appleby is a writer, actor and educator living in Los Angeles, CA. She is a playwright and her work has been seen throughout the United States and Canada. When she isn’t writing you might catch her doing stand-up comedy.