My Goldenrod Alarm

seyoung kwon


In the early morning at six,
when your breath soothes my fingers,
I hear the flutter of the chilly air
drawing the curtains.
Seoul’s sky has been waiting
for the golden touch to thaw its face.

When you start to claw at the mattress, crumple
the sheets, I dream of soaring above the skyscrapers, then
through the sequoia forest that grazes my hair,
I still swim in the cloud of slumber,
never wanting to land.

When I don’t get up
despite all of your efforts,
you never lose patience,
but directly dive into my bed,
dragging my body down to the floor.

Eventually, I cuddle you with my left arm
and hold a mug full of warm cafe latte on the right hand.
Latte streaming along my throat warms my heart then yours,
clinging on my body.


Seyoung Kwon loves to fly kites on windy days and in summer, she spends time eating ice cream outdoors, especially in the park while walking her Pomeranian named Hodu. She enjoys writing in her free time with her favorite Starbucks drink, and her poem was once published on the Heritage Review.