Mysterious Drowning By the Route 6 Access Road

Jesse Miksic


Look here, says impatience,
A draft in the grove,
Path-side mire of black loam,
A hungry eddy the
Deep well of the backwood valley

A valve to draw me in,
Bodily, a sink-hole casting
One small spell of collapse

And now
Me here

To linger
For the soon
Return (my voice)

Where every inhale
Sinks me deeper

Where I can hear
Across a grisly distance:

An engine an engine an engine




Jesse Miksic is a graphic designer and writer living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He spends his life writing poetry, waiting patiently for nightfall, and having adventures with his wonderful wife and two children. Recent placements include Green Ink Poetry, Pink Plastic House, Moist Poetry, and Roi Fainéant Literary Press. His work and musings can be found at @miksimum on Twitter and Instagram, or