Night Mirror

Travis Stephens


unlikely lovers                       amid the wineries

this night                                 tidy rows of stakes

burdened by clouds              vines drop

a scatter of rain                      supplicants

wind & worry                         leaves open & shut

plus any restless                    roots, stars, rabbit

feet gradually                         dance, shriek

getting wet                              then hide

but I am warmed                   blood, panting

by the effort                            eyes flash

& the fury of                           owls

lost chance to                         coyote

save this                                  moon hidden

 marriage                                darkened

a chance                                  shrugged

another night                         who

lost to                                       who

regret &





Travis Stephens is a tugboat captain who resides with his family in California. An alumni of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, recent credits include: 2River, Sheila-Na-Gig, Hole in the Head Review, GRIFFEL, and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.