Henry Giovannetti



I walk
with my fangs out
And brain
with sirens;
muscles flexing,
tendons                       snapping
talons through streetlamps and brake lights—
Shattered         like
Galaxies                  In        the
fist              of         God—
to find myself once more in darkness;
a foaming dog off the leash.
Home again.



Henry Giovannetti is currently an instructor at Kansas State University with no current publications, although he has presented a critical essay at a culture studies symposium at the University of Kansas–“All Lights on Mr. West: A Study of Spectacle in Hip Hop Culture.” His poetry is inspired in part by South American writers–those who blend the everyday with the barely believable–and by the thinking of Edmund Burke, who speculates that a feeling of horror comes from one’s inability to fully conceptualize or understand.