No Man’s Land

douglas dabbs


Doug Dabbs’ artwork focuses on visual storytelling through the exploration of the human figure and environments. His mark-making isn’t about perfecting each mark individually, but instead, using collective mark-making to communicate themes, emotions, and narratives. He investigates the effect positive and negative space have on compositions, mood, and storytelling, and how these components invite active viewer participation and analysis. He is interested in using black and white media to challenge traditional illustrative rendering methods that typically rely on color. Utilizing arguably one of the most vulnerable art mediums—ink on paper—marks cannot be hidden by additional media and color applications. The result is an intimate view of the artist’s hand and vision, unobscured by further rendering.

 Doug Dabbs is an illustrator, comic book artist, and university professor from Nashville, Tennessee. He has taught visual storytelling for over a decade, serving currently as Associate Professor of Illustration at Middle Tennessee State University, and previously as Professor of Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art and Design. Doug’s comic books and graphic novels have been published by Image Comics, Oni Press, 12 Gauge Comics, and Desperado Publishing, and he has created illustrations for Discovery Science Channel, Ghost, and Metallica, to name a few. Doug exhibits work internationally, and has had work displayed in over 20 exhibitions in the United States. His work has been recognized by and featured in international illustration competitions and art journals including American Illustration, Creative Quarterly, 3×3, ArtAscent, and Communication Arts.