O’ Night Malign

Dr. Scary and mr. gory


Dr. Scary (Michael E. Skyer) and Mr. Gory (Gregory Fedorchuk) are a team of like-minded readers and creators of dark art. Both Dr. Scary and Mr. Gory are trained and practicing Fine Artists. Skyer is a University professor and PhD candidate, writing a dissertation on the role of vision in pedagogy. Skyer has published extensive research in scientific journals and has presented nationally and internationally in the field of deaf education. Skyer is professionally active on Twitter, often in an activist role for deaf children’s literacy. Fedorchuck is a renowned artist, whose work is appreciated globally, and shared widely to devouring audiences. Skyer is late-deaf and a fluent ASL user. Fedorchuk also lives with a physical disability. Dr. Scary and Mr. Gory support the #OwnVoices movement, as related to disability and diversity of author identity. Dr. Scary and Mr. Gory have nearly two thousand followers on Twitter and are preparing the launch of an Instagram account and separate website. We hope you Come Haunt With Us.