object permanence

Rachael Inciarte



  1. the horse is a vigilant animal—


dark of teeth, leap of limb

nightfall finds roadkill


somewhere a highway, carcass strewn

charcuterie of man and meat


heart inside creature,

beast inside truck


  1. blind,


dead nana’s eyes spoiled

like food in the hot sun


now fortune the distance

between gone and goner


we are disappeared

when we leave


  1. it will no longer seek death


bloodbathed knife cuts apple, red

flesh for a feast


put finger to mouth

prey, animal


learn at the elbows

to watch for sudden movements



Rachael Inciarte is the author of the chapbook What Kind of Seed Made You, published by Finishing Line Press and 2022 Eric Hoffer Award Honorable Mention. Their work features in Poetry Northwest, Spillway, Kestrel, and others. Rachael lives in California with family and can be found at www.rachaelinciarte.com