October’s Rusted Blood

Mayden Steele


Twice you sang songs
Of selling your soul
To raise the corpse
Of the woman you love.

Twice you sang songs
Of a chilled autumn night,
October’s rusted blood
Falling softly to the ground.

Twice you sang songs
Of a cemetery quiet and still
Until, of a sudden,
The dead burst free of her grave.

Twice you sang songs
Of dancing till dawn
With the woman you love
No longer limp in your arms.

Twice you sang songs,
But now you are dead,
And I am but a shell
Of the soul you twice sold.



Mayden Steele is a biblical scholar and student at Grand Canyon University (online). As an emerging writer, her work has been published in Kean University’s Diversity Magazine and in Eber & Wein Publishing’s poetry volume. Mayden lives in New Jersey with her husband, Kevin and their Staffordshire Terrier, Frasier.