Old Growth

Clark A. Pomerleau


Old growth canopy
dense enough
to snuff out seedlings
ancients hoard gold

rays cannot trickle down
then or now
but blame the young
for failing to thrive

We choked out
gangly pale
wait for
the ax to fall

Or fiery bolt strike
that flames lick
away leaves
revealing our patch of light.




Clark A. Pomerleau is a writer and teacher from Washington State. Memory, transformative agency, and queer aesthetic feature prominently in his work. His book, Califia Women, addresses feminist diversity education about sexism, homophobia, classism, and racism in the shadow of conservative ascendance. Pomerleau’s articles concern feminist views on sexuality and trans-inclusive praxis. His poetry has appeared online at Wordgathering (Sep. 2018) and Poached Hare (Jan. 2019).