On “A Little Later” by Kay Sage

nadia wolnisty

these are the things i keep in my pocket
ladder parts a pill two eggs
things that will take get you there

i was born with eggs in my pocket
bounced around europe married
unmarried a world war broke out
and then married once more in america
loves brain burst blood vessels kneading
skull like cat a little later ladder
took the form of gun
you have keys and string in your trousers
museum ticket stubs
i have clutter of sad images i paint
them out they are not for you
but you can have them just
the same like grabbing the wrong umbrella
after a wedding funeral or birth
the only person who can decide which is you


Nadia Wolnisty is the editor-in-chief for ThimbleLitMag.com. Her work has appeared in Spry, Philosophical Idiot, Apogee, Anti-Heroin Chic, Blue Pepper Review, McNeese Review, Paper & Ink, and others. She has chapbooks from Cringe-Worthy Poetry Collective, Dancing Girl Press, and from Finishing Line Press and a full-length from Spartan.