On the Widow’s Walk

RC deWinter


The foghorn is crooning tonight, serenading the mists con dolor,
mourning its own necessity in steady, unvarying measures.
Spectral sailors, familiars summoned from Neptune’s palace,
arise and dance on the strand, solemnly celebrating their deaths,
half-hoping in envious dead hearts others now living will join them.
These gray shades don’t see me standing high above, silently watching sad
their sad parade as, unbeliever that I am, I summon a memory,
praying those who sail these dark waters will be safely delivered
from the clutches of the trident god.




RC deWinter’s poetry is widely anthologized, notably in New York City Haiku (NY Times, 2/2017), easing the edges: a collection of everyday miracles, (Patrick Heath Public Library of Boerne, 11/2021) The Connecticut Shakespeare Festival Anthology (River Bend Bookshop Press, 12/2021), in print: 2River, Event, Coffin Bell, Gargoyle Magazine, Genre Urban Arts, the minnesota review, Night Picnic Journal, Plainsongs, Poetry South, Prairie Schooner, Southword, The Ogham Stone, Twelve Mile Review, Variant Literature, York Literary Review among many others and appears in numerous online literary journals.