Volume 1, Issue No. 1


Matthew Smart
Road Rash

Jennifer Ihasz
A Hunger to the Bone

Amy P. Knight
All I Have to Do

Richard Reese
Use It Skillfully, Joyously

Clio Velentza
In Wandering Mazes Lost

Spencer Dawson
Some Just Whine and Complain

Jacqueline Boucher
Three Fictions from Anhedonia

William Doreski
Too Many Screams
The Underbelly Exposed
The Zombie Moment
The Skull of Mozart

J. Andrew Briseño
Letter Writing Is a Dying Art

Ron. Lavalette
Zombies and Werewolves Need Not Apply

Zach Davis
Hammer-Jack Lies in Wait

Kassie Shanafelt
Obituary Poems

Adam McCulloch
The Man in the Gray Coat

Kim Chinquee
Cookie Room

T. L. Sherwood

Lucinda Kempe
Things Are Going to Remain Wet for a While

John Helden
The Collectors

Derek Moreland
Dinner and a Show

Grove Koger
The Companions

Bruce Shields
Head On


Ray Ball
Doll Operatives

Steve Liebowitz
Political Porn and the Metaphysical Shift

John Grey
That Moon Woman
Old Dark House

Jennifer Lynn Krohn
A Dictionary of Halves
The Monsters
The Mouth
Waiting under the Bridge
Clinical Lycanthropy

M. Stone
Gut Instinct

Ron. Lavalette
Killing That Bitch Again
Death of a Salesman


Contributors Issue 1.1