Satyrs and Pan

dudgrick bevins

Walk out of the Adriatic Sea • across
Greece • step in to the Aegean • carry
The horned gods on my back — west
• they will plant their hooves on new
Earth ᚒ • goat legs & bearded fuzz kick
Sides & tickle nape = two satyrs: the hubris
Of Marsyas, the wisdom & abstinence of
Silenus; as well, Pan under one arm, his
Flute, his smile • in not-yet-Rome, Romulus
& Remus suckle naked a she-wolf — innocent
Peckers with thirsty mouths — gullets fill
With dog milk tit: we watch • make wine •
Build fire ᚂ • // • night becomes omen
Of bodies • penetration • the worship
Of the fields ⅋ the valleys ⅋ the mountains •
This goat-bodied orgy erupts madness •
Panic • petting • fistfuls of fur • a
Greenwood Wedding w/ Pan, over-
-seer, officiant to beastly consummation •
This offering, a libation, seed spilled
Across the wine dark seas • & grow from
Whatever tree ᚁᚃᚋᚌ new gods will grow. ♂

Dudgrick Bevins is a queer interdisciplinary artist from Deliverance country in the north Georgia mountains. He lives and creates in New York City. He teaches literature and creative writing to high school students in Harlem, where he is also an MFA student. His writing and photography have been published in two books by bd-studios nyc, Georgia Dusk (with luke kurtis) and Route 4 Box 358. His chapbook, My Feelings are Imaginary People Who Fight for My Attention, is published by Poet’s Haven Author Series. His poetry has appeared in various online and print journals.