Sex Fat

Naomi Bess Leimsider


There’s this thing called sex fat which needs fat feeds on fat
this sex fat requires fat
so what to do?
You must get fat so you’ll be fat —
calorically dense, that is.
Let me show you how it works!
Let me show you a thing or two!
After all, what else can we do but put on our sloppy shoes and slide
like it’s oily then slick tricky trip right on through just to get things moving.

You haven’t lived until you’ve needle jabbed your own fat.
Punctured though the surface to the subcutaneous, then the shady visceral wrapped around your insides like a snake all alive and scaly and cold.
Have you ever gone all light-headed and crazy dizzy, you know, a little loopdy doo
and giggly too?
Do you know how to push deep, deep to the deltoid right through to the sinew?
Intramuscular: it even sounds like it hurts.

Well, you wanted it, now you’ve got it galore!
Yellow-blue bruised and fatty fat now, it’s your engine now, what turns you on now, all that supple mouthfeel now
how now yearning, how now desire, how now motivation, how now lust
and the future!
White fat, brown fat, pale goosebumpy veiny chicken fat, turn you inside out fat, gristly umami fat, between your teeth fat, suck the fucking marrow fat, get sloppy fat so now you have plenty of sex fat.

I mean
you hope! Who knows how this sex fat thing actually works? It’s so confusing all this is this sex fat or is this sex fat or is this sex fat or is this?

But this is all good news, so celebrate your small victory!
You’re on your way now
you’ve come back in style now.
Everyone can see you’ve been making a habit of this.
So put on your sex jacket and gear up for another round
you’re so plump and ready you are now.




Naomi Bess Leimsider has published poems and short stories in Newtown Literary, Otis Nebula, Quarterly West, The Adirondack Review, Summerset Review, Blood Lotus Journal, Pindeldyboz, 13 Warriors, Slow Trains, Zone 3, Drunkenboat, and The Brooklyn Review.