Smokers Need Not Apply

Lane Larson


A weird woman going through a crisis
But not quite
The same crisis as me
Perhaps, Possibly
Different (but compatible) crises

Willowy and strange and
Allergic to touch
But craving it all the same

Sturdily built, pale and dark
Smartly turned out
And, only sometimes, unhinged

The First Date:
I’ll bring the long-dead roses and
You provide a lock of hair (must be your own)
We walk the craggy cliff sides at night
Guided only by the almond-sliver of
The crooked moon
I put my coat about your shoulders
And perhaps, (if we’re very lucky)
We two
Will never be heard from again




Lane Larson is a poet, visual artist, and film student currently residing in Los Angeles. Much of her work is inspired by the Southern California landscape, expressing and exploring the invisible threads connecting womanhood and the natural environment around us, as well as touching upon themes of the dark and macabre.