The Immigrant Seeds Armed Against the Flower Devil

jonathan andrew perez


The ealy Colonial Settlement Seeds: (phrase), immigrant labor fought epic battles, foreign “weeds” were assimilated out


Two-petalled, blue, yellow stamen;

                Two opposite leaves

In the bombs of pollen, there rose, an undetonated

the Mephistopheles of Rosaceae

Inside the bombs that we impregnate, a thick rim of cigar smoke,

An interpretation: a pistol, a knife, an imagined battle. The Anxiety of Whiteness.

Good vs. Evil, or the Hibiscus. We bloom waiting that evening. Exotic weed set.

                For a winner to rise, for the booming above the cemetery

To sound a final blow. The flower devil being overtaken, Grow Furtively,

of stem, ovary, and stamen; Bomb-man, made sure

He turns to a young boy, in awe, hands on hips,

Do not worry, lad, here, there will be no botanical resurrection. I will never christen a hum


Or pray for the end of days, an atypical lacking petals

flowery infernal charred- unfurled remnants winged.  Until small armies of seeds

A leaflet like Demonology. The end of the Universe, trumpeted, naming

                in medieval cone, bristle-like ear lobe, subaltern, the Human Race

Was grateful for what the mystics foretold in the un-basal globes: Fourth World.

                The end was not so brutal. Good prevailed. Somewhere a mini-bomb man

Was born from the seeds of the immigration, thinking, mulling, if it’s worth a return.



Jonathan Andrew Pérez has published poetry in Collateral, Prelude, The River Heron Review, Blood Tree Literature,The Bookends Review, The Westchester Review, Crack the Spine Quarterly, Silver Needle Press, Projector Magazine, Cape Cod Poetry Review, Rise Up, BARNHOUSE, The Chicago Quarterly Review, Worcester Review, Hiram Poetry Review and Quiddity on NPR. Jonathan is in POETRY in January 2020. Jonathan won the 2019 Poetry Prize from Split Lip Magazine chosen by Chen Chen. Jonathan’s debut chapbook, “The Justice Elegies,” was released in March 2020 by Finishing Line Press. In the January 2020 issue of Poetry Magazine, you will find Perez’s poem “Bobolinks as a Flock of Signifiers.” He has a day job as a trial attorney and teaches poetry at Wesleyan University.