The Memory

Clare M. Bercot Zwerling


That tamped down, pressure wrapped,
oil clogged edgyish hairball
lodging and dislodging
esophogial me.


Forceful granite-like fist,
raging ragged down my throat
no air direct to the gut
insert fishhook and yank.


Imprisoned in soft epidermis,
hard sorrow shrieking yet smothered
hollow aloneness knowing
I did wrong.




Clare M. Bercot Zwerling is a newish poet with three poems published to date in glassworks, Halcyon Days and Night Waves, and a forthcoming poetry publication in The Oakland Review. A recent retiree and transplant from Deep South Texas, she resides on the Mendocino coast, and enjoys the support and stimulation of a vibrant artistic community.