the space (in)between

A. Morgan McKendry

Artist Statement:

My work, both visual and cerebral, is about imagery and what images mean; the coded structures embodied, inherent. From this, I work to address the meaning(s) of what is shown and then subvert them through rendering differently, working in order to find parallels either blatant or conceptual. I source from various obsessions including cartoons, anime, fashion, video games, film, memes, to that of famed art historical works and/or critical theory. Much of my work is seeded in re-appropriating visuals to create different narratives outside of power hierarchies, suspended from reality. I am keenly interested in the implications of technology on perception, experience, and artistic medium. Working between multiple programs, screens, and files – layering to at once address the latent meanings within the samples, whether still or moving, while weaving an abstracted realm free of such earthly confines of gravity, falling past the expectations of the real.