The Spirit of Joy

J. B. Stone

For the legacy of Louis Armstrong

Surrounded in relentless jubilee,
emotions form an ensemble
of New Orleans brass
emulated by clapping palms,
jive-jumping feet,
a circle of scats,
a wave of raised arms
all motions designed
to emit grace
for the sanctity
of a troubled mind,
baptized in the majesty,
only this joyful sound
can bring the realm
inside my mind
is trying to construct
the strips of Bourbon
to Frenchman,
the atmosphere
isn’t solely a destination
for take home pints
& Mardi Gras shenanigans,
it’s a state of mind
for those who one day
want to stroll these sites
and see if they can
see his ghost
in every Street-corner band
trying to express
the delta spirit
from long ago

J. B. Stone is an neurodiverse poet/fiction writer from Brooklyn, now residing in Buffalo. Stone is the author of A Place Between Expired Dreams And Renewed Nightmares (Ghost City Press 2018). Some of his work is featured and/or forthcoming in Occulum, Riggwelter Press, Peach Mag, BlazeVOX, Mystic Blue Review, Breadcrumbs Magazine, Flash of Dark, Crack the Spine, among several other publications. You can check out more of his work and other noteworthy updates at