True Principles of Pointed or ____ Century Architecture

Frank Possemato


Patience is the companion of wisdom
My lonely wisdom
anticipates that even now
plots are unleashed
and we lose them,
curved straight lanes satisfy
but expect you to take what is given
and live your life
not as a reaction to beauty
or tragedy,
the West Grace tower wonders what would remain
after the last copy of you was destroyed

The beach on the way to Castle Island, real geese
on the real water,
“Alright, its time to go”-
my soul holds
onto it
as the hand
of a lover getting on the train
ammunition for the days
when you come to fear your own mailbox

The lights on the way in to the city come into view
a Congratulations frozen in the day
before reckoning,
the quiet air of the late day
parking lot recons otherwise, pushes a shopping cart
gliding on its own momentum toward the concrete
the low impact crash a tree in the forest
on cue the gust behind your ears rises up
flatter than tomorrow,
All of our pathology is in the buildings and in the streets



{Thanks to Jessica Hoffman and Michelle Allport}


Frank Possemato’s writing has appeared in a variety of publications including 3AM, Underground Voices, and in Akashic Books’ “Mondays Are Murder” series.