Under Flickers

Eliot Hudson



                                   I think of you

                          as the sky remembers



                          Or naps full

                          with kisses


                          and eyelashes.

                          The color of sin


                          under candle light,

                          under flickers

                          I want to tickle


                          your shadows

                          like feet wander


                          through a city I’ve never known


                          with buildings so tall

                          they hold up the sky,


                                                                                    so it doesn’t crush us.


Eliot Hudson is a native New Yorker and has been featured as “Author of the Month” for The Missing Slate and read at their Edinburgh Reading; he’s also represented Lalitamba by reading at the Popsickle Brooklyn Literary Festival. He was shortlisted for the Solstice Shorts Festival 2019: Time and Tide. His poems have been featured in Gravitas, The Book Smuggler’s Den, Helen, Castabout Art & Literature, and the collections Garlic and Sapphire, and Cleaves. Hudson is also participating in the Adirondack PoemVillage project in Saranac Lake (2019). His prose has appeared in Mystery Weekly, Cleaning Up Glitter, Helen, Story Of, Every Day Fiction, The Punxsutawney Spirit, Exploration, The Missing Slate, and Lalitamba. He’s studied under Rick Moody and earned two Masters Degrees (Creative Writing & Modern Literature) at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). Hudson also writes music and performs as “Eliot Hudson and the Hudson Underground” throughout New York City and as far as Barcelona, London, Rome, Romania, Vietnam and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. His most recent music video was accepted in the Caribbean Sea International Film Festival (Venezuela), Travel FilmFest (Cyprus), and the Creation International Film Festival (Ottawa) where it won best Music Video (the Video will be available once the awards season has concluded as per their rules; his original song, “Sinners in Church,” is currently available on iTunes and Spotify).