Volume 1, Issue No. 4


Flash Fiction

Elizabeth Burnam
The Cabaret Jungle

Jill Bronfman
I Promised My Wife I Wouldn’t

John Timm
Our Visitor

Nicole Appleby
My Dead Friend

Andy Betz
The Refrigerator
Cold Night, Hot Chili

J. Motoki
Directions After Death

Megan Pillow Davis
The Woman in the Refrigerator

Kathryn Rutz

Brodie Lowe
Silver Screen

Stephen Owen

Elaine Chellberg
Pretty Dolls Don’t Speak

J. H. Martin
The Days of the Locust

Desiree Roundtree
The Monster

Michael Sutton
Corpse By Candle

M. C. St. John
Your Overall Satisfaction

Sharon J. Wishnow
Victory at Fleurus

Cecilia Pinto

Ashley Naftule
2,500 Apples in America

Lara Henerson
After a Wreck

Gary Budden
The Scorched Music of the Emperor Worm

Colin Lubner
Ropes, Laces

Sharon Cogbill
Storyteller on the Bridge


Short Story

N. D. Coley
The Partition, or Dance of the Graveyard Bells

Travis D. Roberson

David Thorndill
G. O. D.

Alyson Faye
Stone Struck

Apryl Fox
The Drowning at Devil’s Pond

Jeanie Fritzsche

Dorian J. Sinnott

Claire Stevens
Sleeping with Bukowski

David McVey
Guardian of the Stones

Jake Kendall

Rachel Unger

Patrick ten Brink
Amelia Borgiotti


Creative Nonfiction

Anna Kaye-Rogers
Teenage Girls are Monsters

Alexandra Tobasco


Essay / Criticism

Kirsty McGrory
The Subversive Fantasy of Isobel Gowdie



Erin Emily Ann Vance
Keep Very Still and Quiet
Couple’s Counselling for Ghosts
Ice Fishing in May

Eric Knowlson
To Love a Ghost

Angelica Vaccaro
l’apesanteur d’être lègere
un loup et sa pipe inspirer la lune
Flying, or: The Most Jubilant Woman in the War

Alyson Faye
Heart of Blackthorn

Jane Yolen
That Old Duo
Majdanek: Winter 1941-1942
A Dance with Lady Death–for Tanith Lee

Dayna Patterson
Ode to Lady Macbeth
Hecate, as you did for Demeter, do
Joseph Smith’s Death Mask
Hyrum Smith’s Death Mask
Ode to Polygamy

Robert Perchan
An Evening with E. D.
Memento Momento

Chase Troxell
The Newlyweds

Valerie Lute
A Season Past Hell

David D’Ettore
A Leper’s Lament

D. A. Borer
Requisition for a Selective Rapture
Three Births of the Raven

Laura Lee
Herstory Lesson

C. M. Tollefson
Do Not Want for Rain

Alexander Dove Lempke
Wolf Form

Dawn Leiker
Late Show

Erinn Batykefer
Blood Bath
Persona Poem



Contributors Issue 1.4

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