Volume 2, Issue No. 2



Flash Fiction

James Raleigh
Joey: The Magical Axolotl

A. C. Koch
Yacht Rock

Dean Quarrell
The Flying Horses

Jess Doyle
Where the Vanished Things Go
The First Time

Alex Robert Franco
His Father’s Eyes

Angela Zimmerman

Tyler Jones
Empty Monuments

Andy Betz
Just Listen

Christina Wilder

Dr. Keith Raymond
Island of Torsos

R. C. Weissenberg
A Little Scratch

Kerry McPherson
The Disappearing Lady

Bekkie Jean Murphy
A Good Witch’s Guide to Teach and Learn Death

Wyatt Bonikowski
Nightmare Bird

John Waterfall

Samia Ahmed
A Cup of Chai and Never After

Brad Baumgartner
A Worm of One’s Own
Hammered Dulcimer


Short Story

Benjamin Brindise
Begin at Night

Lindsey Turner
The Thing We Both Saw

Desiree Roundtree
The End

Evelyn Deshane
Skeleton Key

Edmund Jonah
The Creeper

Lara C. Cory
The Cloth and the Caterpillar

Sjoerd van Wijk
The Mirror Man

Heather Rick
The Witch Father

Lisa Lo Paro
Where the Fairies Play

Jesse Barben
The Lake Effect and Other Hazards

Cecilia Kennedy
Pretty Pink Flowers

Marisa Crane
A Logical Explanation

Paul Sohar
The Invisible Mirror

Scott Moses
Nowhere, Louisiana

Craig Anderson

Adam Gianforcaro

Gary Holman
Dead Boy

W. C. Dowden
Doctoro Schrodeger and His Magic Duplication Machine

Angela Caravan
Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Emily Harrison

Rachel Hehl
Rotting Fruit

Creative Nonfiction

Sante Matteo
Bite in the Moonlight

Gwynevere Ellis
A Thank You Note to Our Family Narcissist

Samantha Steiner
To The Current Tenant

Richard L. T. Orth
Hex Doctors and Witchcraft of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Clif Travers


Jane Yolen
Baba Yaga in the Bath House
Myrddin in the Wilderness

Lisa Lynn
When You Are a Witch

Catherine Garbinsky
A Spell Beyond Time
A Spell to Banish Pain from Your Body
Broken Hearts and Broken Curses

Jackie Sherbow
The Wizard’s Last Address

Victoria Nordlund
Tsadde is Not the Star in the Thoth Tarot Deck
High Priestess
The Hanged Man

Ellen McCammon
A Winter Spell for the Full Moon

Mayden Steele
October’s Rusted Blood

Frank Possemato
The Magician
True Principles of Pointed or _______ Century Architecture

Russell Hemmell

Juleigh Howard-Hobson
The Collection and Use of Dead Water
What a Shame Spell
War Water

Catherine Fahey
Queen of Swords
Page of Cups
Two of Swords

Anne Rundle
Unknown Kin(d)

Julie Allyn Johnson
Nantucket Slough

Zoe Mitchell
The Slow Hanging

Brett Firman
The Nunnery

Laura Paul
I Read Tarot in a Motel Room Before My Life Comes Crashing Down

Ken Farrell
Clairvius Narcisse

Sean William Dever
To Envy a Snowflake
Mannequin for Hire

A. R. Dugan
Bird of Prey
Monster’s Ball

Valin Paige
The Mortician
There’s a Secret Out There, When No One Is Watching


J. E. Crum
The Unruly Hair Portrait, Acts I-IV; Oval Portrait, 2018

María DeGuzmán
Island Story in Five Images

Paul Nixon
Celtic Twilight


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Cover image by Lindsey Turner