Volume 5, Issue No. 5

A Tribute to Anne Rice

◊ Flash Fiction ◊

Jessica Sarlin
Constance, the Night Fairy

Abbie Doll
A Noble Pursuit

Phil Margetts

Suzanne Ondrus
The Mentor of Memories

Callie S. Blackstone
Grave Robber

Courtney Wilber
Darren and the Vampire

Alla Hoffman
Two Wishes


◊ Short Story ◊

Felicia Change
Starry Wishes

Trevor O. Childers

Magnus Singer
The Ghost You Left Behind

Sharon Cogbill
Silver Days, Crimson Nights

Olivia Loccisano
Love You To the Bone

Delilah Deckert
There are no wolves in Vegas


◊ Poetry ◊

Ken Anderson
Vampire Valentine
Blood Quartet
The Poet

Peter Ramos
Candle-Snuffing Service, Inverted

Nora Schimpf
transhuman loveletter
Your Bones–Rested in Silt

J. Richard Kron
We’re Made of Maggots


◊ Art ◊

Melyssa Sprott