Susan Butler


beneath the reaching hazel tree
a sweet witch’s spell      we tangle in a summer charm, humming
in her shade then, we sleep

two of us, reaching, winding, wanting
windows wide to white light, curtains fly     our same wet London sky
on the down then, we sleep

 winding dunes, far north of Amsterdam, we
flee with the wind, with the sea,   with the seconds      bitter cold, still colder
tomorrow then, we      wake



Susan Butler is a British-Polish artist and writer. First a graphic designer who ran her own design studio, Susan then spent her life traveling the world. After settling in Germany for a decade, Susan moved to the US to study world cultures and languages. Her work as a poet and artist reflects her exploration of the interactions between the psyche, nature and the metaphysical, her fascination with universal human connection, and delves into the psychological effects of abuse and grief. Susan writes fiction and poetry in French, English and Arabic. A small sample of her work can be found on her website www.ouisuzette.com and she is @ouisuzette on social media.