We Shadows Insomniac

Anon Baisch


into the smothering
nothing :: we dream of
curtains toned in cold

darkness :: shadows of
sunsets to warm the insomniac
childbirth :: I
expected there would be more

crying but instead the bodies
awake at night breathe the pungent
silence and dream of
nothing :: the small

blackening of footprints :: the panicked
instruction and the rough
hand pushing into
a body into a body ::

death is something more
residual on the pages given
to the edge of
the room

in slow pausing, unread
sheets :: I did not know
the dream would

with such clarity :: and
so quickly clearer :: and
so quickly clearer ::



Anon Baisch is currently a data analyst working in the semiconductor industry and lives in Saitama, Japan. Anon’s poems have been published most recently in OxMag, Levitate, and forthcoming from Waxing & Waning and Second Factory. Anon’s collection w/Ashes is forthcoming from April Gloaming.