Your Bones–Rested in Silt

Nora Schimpf

Your bones-rested in Silt-called out. fingernails gnarled and gritted, breath frozen

in recognition, alone.

your soft skin flakes, disintegrating. carrying you to our home, now foreign,

time mechanically whirring in states between conscience

and instinct. tenderly aligning your remaining limbs,

pleading You to never have left, eternity cannot set this early the moonlight still


cast our frames in motion

some eclectic, faded, dreamt memory.


holding you, dust-sewn and decaying, i wonder if you always knew me.





Nora Schimpf is a graduate worker and disaster bisexual in Louisville, Kentucky. When not trapped in data analysis, they can be found in local parks and coffee shops. Her poetry is a dedication to renewed life and romance.