Volume 1, Issue No. 3 is now live!
MAGIC cover.png
CFS: now reading for issue 2.2, “MAGIC”

CURRENT CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: “MAGIC”–make us think in a new way about all things magical (or magickal). This includes magical realism. Give us your underhanded magicians, unscrupulous witches, devious wizards, and ways to think about magic that haven’t even occurred to us. Free submissions start July 1st, Tip Jar submissions open now!

Coffin Bell is an online journal of dark literature edited by Tamara Burross Grisanti and a staff of volunteer editorsCoffin Bell is looking for poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and creative nonfiction (see our guidelines for word counts). Send us your waking nightmares, dystopian flash, dark CNF, cursed verse.

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