Volume 1, Issue No. 2



Frank A. Possemato
The Thrill of Discovery

William R. Soldan
The Tooth

Gregg Mayer
The Bonescratcher

John I. Leggett
Deleting the Twins

Michael Carter
Monster Inside Me

Veronica Emilyn
Nights Like These

Dawn Brunelle
Monsters Among Us

Paul Garrett
It Only Takes a Moment

Abigail Shepherd
Bitter Tea and Sour Lemonade

John Gerard Fagan
Patient 325

Eric Ortlund
Now I Know What True Love Is

Short Story

Andy Betz
If Revenge is What You Seek

Holly Gaskin

Steve Conn
All You Can Eat

Samuel J. Adams
Mr. Vegas

Brooke Reynolds
Night at the Shockplex

K. A. Liedel
Distant Little Calamities

A. H. Cassells
The War on Health

Alfredo Flores
That Which Stains

Rhonda Strong Gilmour
The Vengeance

Sarah L. King
We Are the Fallout

Quentin Norris
Howls in the Dark

Cecilia Kennedy
How the Blueberries Grow

Rekha Valliappan
The Beast of Montmoor

Cameron Mitchell
Sweet, Sweet Boy



Romey Petite
Coral Bones

Wesley D. Gray
The Essence of Blossoms: Metamorphosis In Memoriam

Mike Hammerle
The World is a Barber

Victoria Nordlund
Daylight Savings Time

Peter Boysen
The Opposite of a Crush
The End of Sleep

Stephen Watt
Pardon the Haggis
Minotaur Vows

Valentina Cano
Promise to Not-Quite-There Friends

Leslie Ferguson
Old As You
Tyranny (It’s Generational)

Ugbong Unimke
The Shadows of Their Spirits Still Parade Our Homes

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