Call for Editors: Social Media Editor & Blog / Newsletter Editor

Coffin Bell is seeking two creative and organized individuals to join the masthead as Social Media Editor, and Blog / Newsletter Editor. Duties are outlined below.

To apply, please send an email to with subject line: Application: [position title] by midnight on August 18, 2019. Please include your resume, your social media handles, a paragraph explaining why you would be a good fit for the position, and a brief bio. If applying for Blog / Newsletter Editor position, include a couple of hypothetical blog post subjects that correspond to the type of content you’d like to write.

For Social Media Editor, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are required and familiarity with LinkTree a plus.

For Blog / Newsletter Editor, familiarity with MailChimp and WordPress preferred.


Social Media Editor Duties
  • Follow editorial calendar to promote published work on dates provided using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (you will be given Coffin Bell‘s login credentials).
  • Twitter: Engage followers by posting dark artwork (always credit the artist), horror-themed trivia, and retweeting other journals and calls for submissions by accounts we follow. Promote weekly blog posts by Blog / Newsletter editor by tweeting a link to the post (day of publish preferred). Retweet all tweets that mention us (excepting replies to such tweets, e.g. “Thank you!”).
  • Facebook: Engage page followers by posting questions, calls for submissions, random dark art and trivia, and other appropriate content. Promote blog posts by Blog / Newsletter editor by posting the link.
  • Instagram: Engage followers by posting dark artwork, dark author quotations, etc., our calls for submission, and promote weekly blog posts by Blog / Newsletter Editor with artwork from post header and link in bio. Use LinkTree to keep the link to our pre-order page active.
  • If you are an artist / photographer with a dark aesthetic, feel free to promote your own work so long as it loosely adheres to our aesthetic / mission.
  • For issue launches, post countdown-to-launch on all three platforms starting three days out from launch date. Issues go live on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.


Blog / Newsletter Editor Duties
  • Update Coffin Bell‘s blog each week on Monday at 8AM. (You may make the post at any time prior to that and schedule the post to publish at that time.) What you post there is up to you, as long as it’s pertinent to the literary community and adheres to our dark aesthetic. (Examples might include reviews of horror books, histories of horror [with sourced cited], aesthetically dark “roundups” of books, art, or products, dark art / photography [you may run a feature on the artist], weird / bizarre news, or guest posts by writers whom you solicit.)
  • All blog posts must adhere to site style, using featured images and justified text. Art will be supplied to you, or you may find and use art that pertains to each post for the post header. (If an art feature, use some of the artist’s work.)
  • All blog posts will be promoted by the Social Media Editor, so you will email that editor each week with the link to your post, and cc the EIC on that email.
  • Newsletter Duties: Once a month, Coffin Bell sends via MailChimp our newsletter titled “Lucky Thirteen.” Predictably, it goes out on the thirteenth of each month. We will provide you our MailChimp credentials and previous newsletters for reference. Part of your duties will include emailing contributors with interview requests (questions will be provided to you, but we encourage tailoring them to address the specific work of that author) in time to run two new interviews in each newsletter. Author email addresses will be provided to you.
  • Design each newsletter in MailChimp and schedule send. A walk-through will be provided if you are unfamiliar with the interface.


Are you creative, organized, able to meet deadlines, interested in the literary world, and darkly dispositioned? If so, we’d like to hear from you! Please follow the directions listed above to apply by August 18, 2019 at midnight.

Submissions now open for “Philia / Phobia”


Submissions open 8/11/2019 and remain open until 12/31/2019 for issue 3.2, themed “Philia / Phobia.” Make us love your fear or fear your love–either way, we want to read your dark work!

Whether it be one or the other, or a combination of both, we want to read about abnormal love, undue inclinations, and extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

We won’t be publishing any pedophilia work.

We are looking for creative interpretations of this theme, and look forward to reading your words! Open to flash fiction, short story, creative nonfiction, essay / short criticism, and poetry.



Pre-Orders Now Open for Coffin Bell TWO!

Coffin Bell TWO COVER

Pre-orders are now open for Coffin Bell’s second print anthology, Coffin Bell TWO! While supplies last, each pre-order will ship in October along with a set of seven mailable Coffin Bell post cards designed by Lindsey Turner! (See the full set on Instagram; post card gift includes a selection of seven of these cards.)

This year, a portion of all pre-orders placed before September 4th will be donated to Writers for Migrant Justice to benefit Immigrant Families Together.

Anthologies are expected to ship in October.

Featuring work by Jane Yolen, Gerri R. Gray, Cindra Spencer, Dean Quarrell, A. C. Koch, Ralph Pennel, Ben Tari, Zuri McWhorter, James Raleigh, Lauren Villa, Linda Quinlan, Bekkie Jean Murphy, Samia Ahmed, Cecilia Kennedy, Ginny Fite, Lindsey Turner, Benjamin Brindise, Craig Anderson, Rachel Hehl, Emily Harrison, Megan Schmid, Andrew Weber, Evelyn Deshane, Shanna Merceron, Marisa Crane, Bernardo Villela, Heather Rick, Andy Betz, Alex Kazemi, Meiloni Erickson, Samantha Steiner, Linda Dove, Gregory Kimbrell, Josh Smith, Catherine Garbinsky, J. B. Stone, Victoria Nordlund, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Anne Rundle, Julie Allyn Johnson, Valin Paige, December Lace, Robin Wright, Nicole Rivera, Cash Myron Toklas, R. C. deWinter, Owen Lubozynski, Katharina Bezushko, Courtney Hilden, C. Kubasta, S. Preson Duncan, Jackie Sherbow, Sean William Dever, Wendy Howe, Dan A. Cardoza, Andrew Lafleche, Ken Farrell, Robert Campbell, and more!

Edited by: Coffin Bell Editors

Cover Art & Layout Design by: Lindsey Turner

Price for pre-ordered anthology is $16 plus $4.99 shipping & handling.