Volume 5, Issue No. 2

♦♦Hidden Realms♦♦

Flash Fiction

Cheryl Powell
The Big Personality

Emily Ruth Verona
I Wrote Your Name

G. K. Derickson
Mile Marker 20

Molly Mogren Katt
If These Walls Could Talk

Barton Perkins

Max Firehammer

Julian Grant

Carter Brighton
Mag Mell

Alyson Faye
The Grey Man



Short Story

Harrison Kim
In the Presence of the Bird

Rachel Racette
At the Core

Malcolm Glass

Keith Kennedy

A. M. Symes
Ice Cave

Cecilia Kennedy
Flower Blog

Alana Hollenbaugh
Perchance to Dream

Michael St. John
Enter Through the Gift Shop



Creative Nonfiction

Kayla Jessop
Iron Year



Jess Roses
dens sapientiae

Haydil Henriquez
the first and last love poem

Austin Farber
Under Christ

Michelle Johnson-Wang
The Creature’s Dream

khaet grindell
Dog Days Dream

Alyx Chandler
In the Woods
Home of the Hermitess

Haley Wooning
Winter Poems: 2
Winter Poems: 3
Winter Poems: 4
Winter Poems: 5

LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Erasure at Nightfall
Elizabeth Siddal Rossetti, Cemetery Superstar

Alex Graffeo
Feast of the Elf King

Shaina Clingempeel
Elegy for the Air Plant

Corinna Schulenburg
Lost in the Woods

m. Bennett
it’s like jesus but i’m not a virgin

David A. Goodrum
Cremation Unbound
In Somnolence

Peter Houle
You Made a Map of Fruit Trees

Mercury Marvin-Sunderland
Sweet Chamomile

Federica Santini
Aarne-Thompson 706 (Danger in the Water)

Petra Salazar
la hija de la llorona

Juliana Gray
Ode to Luminol
Ode to the Hyoid Bone

Kelonie Utley
Heart of a Town

Renee Emerson
On Her Last Day
After the Baby Died

Nate Maxson
Tourist Trap Haibun



A. Morgan McKendry
the space (in)between