Volume 4, Issue No. 1

Flash Fiction

T. J. Price

Alexandra Shah
The Light

Gavin Gardiner
The Thing Within

Short Story

Larry Glines
Old Bones

Vitkor Wolfe
The Tower

Neal Tucker
My Alexandria

Noah Fellinger
The Desolation Hour

M. K. Cap
The Museum of Doubt

Elliot Harper
A Tale from the Terraced Ocean

Joshua Kepfer
The Wolf and the Sheep

James Ulmer

Craig Rodgers
Return Policy

Troy Bernardo

James Woolf
Mackenzie’s Leap

Andrew Punzo
Hair and Nail and Blood and Bone (You’re Beautiful)

Molly Williams
The Collection

Jennifer Bertrand
The Pall of a Past World

John Winkelman
Occupied Space

Don Stoll
Calcium Deficiency

Niamh Bagnell
Cold Light

Kira Sutherland
I Can Hear the Shriek

Darby Harn
The Lost Children

K. Marvin Bruce
Easy Chair

Ian McMahon
The Stranger In the Garden

Stephen Gildea-Young
For the Birds

Jen Myers

Sam Derby
Five Per Cent

Gregory Clouse

Robert Badgley
Heron Valley


Adelina Sarkisyan
Death Bird at Midnight
Lesser Paradise

Robbie Coburn
Horse of God

Dave Harrity
After Rococo
Unlikely Vantage
Maiden of the South Sea

Haolun Xu
The King of Dragonflies

Nadia Wolnisty
On “Monolith” by Kay Sage
On “A Little Later” by Kay Sage

Kami Westhoff
Five Seconds
Red Flags

Ralph Pennel
If That Her Breath Will Mist or Stain the Stone
The Mind Only Wins to Its Truth When It Finds Itself Utterly Torn Asunder
Letting Go
Love Poem with Steam Rising Into the Night In the End

Jonathan Andrew Pérez
Color Blind Among Us: Odious Reconstruction
Deconstructing Broken TreatiesL The Elegy of Guadalupe Hidalgo
The Immigrant Seeds Armed Against the Flower Devil

Frances Koziar
Mirror, Mirror

Holly Day
The Disruption This Morning

Luke Johnson
Echo Canyon

Micaela Walley
I’ll Meet You on a Snowy Bridge
A Case Study of Fire
Grandmother, I Know My Body

Kuo Zhang

Roy Bentley
Another Poem That Could Save America
Bill Guy
What Is to Give Light Must Endure Burning
Butch Thompson Sings “With a Little Help from My Friends”
What We Mean When We Use Words Like “Love”

Tim Kahl
Secret Deletion
Sisyphus Barks
The Problem of Tea
Toxic Bravado

Ashley Crout
Vesseling the Dead
Kingdom Animalia

Ann E. Wallace
The Taste of Fear
Days of Fog and Pressure
Blessed Be
For the House Finches

Karla Keffer
A Poem for Your Sixty-Ninth Birthday

Seyoung Kwon
The Flute
My Goldenrod Alarm
What Exists in the Space We Call Silence
Under the Same Sky

Haley Petcher
Vultures Become

Yuan Changming
Rage, Rage Against the Crow in the Park

Victoria Nordlund
I Imagine It Carrying My Blood to You


Kristin LaFollette
Shoes in the Piano

Ryora Matsumoto
Recursive Topography of Uncertainty
Chebyshev Spectral Overcast
Transient Field in the Air
Those Who Affirm the Spontaneity of Every Event
The Indistinct Notion of an Object Trajectory
The Extensity of Sferics Counterpoint

William Fillmore
Remembering to Forget