Volume 4, Issue No. 4


◊◊◊ Flash Fiction ◊◊◊


Sally Simon
To Your Own Device

Elliot Harper

Marc Dickerson
The Guest

Allison Price
A Never-Ending Pattern’s Casualty

Elise Kelly
The First Time We Met

Jo Unruh
Double, Double

Cecilia Kennedy
The Last Box

Russell Nichols
For the Love of Big Data

Michael J. Riser
Adopt Now

Madelin Medina
The Lullaby Trial
Classified Audio Transcript

J. Campbell
A Frog Died for This

Christian Barragan

Elizabeth Lerman

Robin LeeAnn

Arthur Tarley
Look Book

Erik Peters



◊◊◊ Short Story ◊◊◊


Ken Farrell
Twinkle Twinkle

Emily Castles
The Soulless

Kevin Jackson
Death of Destiny

Kirk Bueckert
Darkly Through the Glass

Donald Carreira Ching
The Troll Experiment

Elena Kaloudis
Only One Mirror

Catrina Prager
Blink Blue Glimmer

Daniel Friod

Hayden Hart
The Man Behind the Screen

Jarvis Gooden
Letters to CERN

John Chrostek
The Experience Society

Anna Nolan
Mother Knows Best

Jonathan Sonnenberg
My Sim: The True Biography of a Virtual Person

Gavin Boyter
The Syndrome

Robert Ottone
Only That You Are Still Sane

Aaron Muller




◊◊◊ Creative Nonfiction ◊◊◊


Michael Bishop

Siobhan Manrique
Self-Driving Shadows


◊◊◊ Essay / Short Criticism ◊◊◊

Sara Hailstone
Halfway Home



◊◊◊ Poetry ◊◊◊


RC deWinter
How It Works

Gabriela Halas
A Warning Call

Frederick Livingston
Countdown to the End of This World

Laura Bandy

Timothy Pilgrim
Twitter of Crows
A Sonnet Tweet, Almost

Charlotte Gutzmer
Rotting Genesis

Qiang Meng
Emily Dickinson Taking a Semester Online

Brandyn Johnson
Welcome to the Future

Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

Paul David Adkins
Florida Man Claims Wife Was Kidnapped by Holograms
Paranormal Investigators Seek the Dead from the Ohio Penitentiary Fire of 1930, the Site of Which Was Paved Over to Form the Parking Lot of a Columbus Hockey Arena


◊◊◊ Art ◊◊◊

Federico Federici
Black Old Suns

Edward Supranowicz
A Gear in the Machine

Guilherme Bergamini
Stay at Home, It’s Not a Weak Flu!

Emel Karakozak