Volume 2 Issue No. 4


Flash Fiction

Cindra Spencer
The Life Cycle of Shoe Maggots, Place Values, and Other Lessons from Second Grade
Moveable Type

Tim Hanson
Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

E. M. Stormo
Crab TV

Emerson Henry
Or Current Resident

Anushree Prashant
Family Heirloom

Christian Barragan
Of Your Choosing

Ben Tari
One Less Like

Neil Clark
Last Night I Dreamt of a Fascist Dictator

Lauren Davis
His Hair Combed Sideways

Lisa Mottolo
The Birds Were Fools

Malena Salazar Maciá  (trans. from Spanish by Toshiya Kamei)

Chelsea Stickle
The Marionette

D. S. Levy
Haunted Mansion

Lauren Villa
Fish Bone

Christina Rosso
The Mark

Joaquin Fernandez
The Girl with the Red Lipstick

Michelle Ross
Knife Rules

James Cato
Modern Witch Hunt
Why I Decided to Leave Glenrio

Jason Teal
The Bleeding Well
Swamp Angel


Short Story


Ken Farrell
Raincoat, the Holyman

Nora Shank
Places to Find God

Fran-Claire Kenney
The Stuff of Horror Movies

Alex Creece
Empty Nests

Shanna Merceron
A Gallery of My Own

Jessica Drake-Thomas
What She Seems

Olivia Hodgson
The Mourning Key

John Talbird
Gold Star

Subo Wijeyeratne

Megan Schmid

Susanne Brent
Last Words

Gerri R. Gray
Dust to Dust

Bernardo Villela
A Little Cut

Russ Allison Loar
Christmas Blessings

Jodee Stanley

David Thorndill
Mystery in the Convent

Rich Glinnen
The Mariachi

Jennifer Lynn Krohn
The Eyes

Carlie Thompson
The Boat

Richard Cochnar
The Tower


Creative Nonfiction

Meiloni Erickson

Alex Kazemi
Death Also Offers Guided Tours

Joe Manus
Mourning Dove

Betina Entzminger
Handling Shit and Finding Love

Liza Sofia
The Beautiful Corpse

Elizabeth Duluoz
Flushing Away Pride


Essay / Short Criticism

Scott Beard
Animal Imagery to Convey Plot and Characterization in The Duchess of Malfi

Anna Harberger
Blurred Lines: Queering Sameness & Destructive Difference in Wuthering Heights

Bud R. Berkich
Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle – An Analysis: Merricat Blackwood as Anti-Hero

Margaret Stetz
A Haunted War: The Return of The Return of the Soldier

Miranda Ramirez
Exploring the Paralleled Multiracial Experiences in Ceremony, Borderlands



Jane Yolen
Masking / Unmasking
Socrates in Camouflage
Skin Lies

Robert Campbell
The Queen is Not a Garden
To Find the Queen, You Must Kill Animal-You
Destroying Angels Are the Queen’s Pale Children
Silent Supper

Mela Blust
to feel god’s light

Dick Bentley

Anna Schoenbach
It Wasn’t Me in the Mirror

Robin Wright
Secret Life

December Lace
Lust #7

Jesse Miksic
Double Bind
In Service to the Cycle
Somatic Sign System
An Impossible Exchange

Christina Strigas
The Ghosts That Stay
Killing Spree
Dead Wife

Elizabeth York Dickinson
The Possibility of Resurrection

Cash Myron Toklas
There Is a Man with Fifty Heads and a Hundred Hands
How I Lost the War
The One-Eyed Man Who Sleeps Beneath the Floor
The Chaos of Childbirth

RC deWinter
The Great Masquerade

Andrew Lafleche

C. Kubasta
Cardinal Directions

Owen Lubozynski
Femme Felix

Katharina Bezushko
Nubibus Fatuus

Courtney Hilden
How to Forget Their Name

Gregory Kimbrell
Translation: Contract ~ Survival
Translation: Attack ~ Rating

Rebecca Pyle

Carter Vance
Where the Light Gets In

Clare M. Bercot Zwerling
The Memory

Lori Noto
Poem Scrawled on the Back of a Funeral Pamphlet

Eleanor Rector
Butterfly Kisses

Gustavo Zamora
El Coyote
La Malinche

Charles Kell
Egon Schiele’s Hideous Phantom
Anatomy of an Enigma

Nicholas Minges
Dave Saves the Bass

Alla Vilnyansky
Pikuach Nefesh

Clark A. Pomerleau
Old Growth

Emma Wynn
Our Predators

J. V. Birch
Wolf Man

Siyun Fang
I Suspect

Teresa T. Chappell
Hat Trick
Blood Poisoning or Social Anxiety




Cameron Maynard

V. Holecek
Qualitat Des Lebens 01
Der Turm
Qualitat Des Lebens 03

Janessa Mulepati
Among Masks



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