Volume 6, Issue No. 4


Flash Fiction

Emily Verona
A Haunting

Jasmine Griffin
The Deep

Geoff Sawers

Caitlin M. S. Buxbaum
Harvest Time

Departure of a Cat Named Laurel

Joshua Wetjen

Lauren Kalasku
Meticulously She Cleans

Jennifer Ostopovich
Sweetie Pie

Kristen Helgerman
Nightmare / Reality

Karen Schauber
The Lady in Apartment 2B

Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Skip to the Good Part

Elina Kumra
Tiny Skeletons

Diane Martin
The Murder of Magic

Nicholas Calabrese
Who [?] – is /the _ Smartest^ of the . Animals+,!

Hemu Wang
See You in Tokyo

Cole Stacey
Death and Dogs

Alex Stein



Short Story

Joshua Lawson
A Fear of the Hook

Axel Valentine-Baroque Truitt

Craig Rodgers
Morning Stockton

Samia Mirza
Minerva Street

K. F. Hartless

Joey Rodriguez

Jade Josie
Nail Biter

Anika K. Clausen
The Gravedigger

Tim Genovesi

Lauren Barnett
The Story of Violet Dawes

Callie S. Blackstone
Fuck Edgar Allan Poe!

West Ambrose
If Thy Tabor Stands

Emma Snyder

Kevin Broccoli
Master of the Drops

Chey-Marie Torres
The Ravensbury Files

Philip Goldberg
Writer’s Block

Genna Edwards
10 Places to Kill Yourself in Bumfuck, Ohio

Sarah Hozumi
The Remaining Ashes

David Hindman
National Laundry Equipment

Jack Bylund
The Gravedigger’s Love Story

Phoebe Houser
The Lobster Trap



Anon Baisch
We Shadows Insomniac

Josie Levin
Helen Enters Troy as a Seahorse

Ani Bachan
Groundhog Day
Brand new gospel at the bottom of a river

Angelina-Maria Montejo
A Divine Relief

Cate Roque
Raising Medusa

K. S. Y. Varnam
Not Haunting
Lidercnyomas II

Steve Gerson
After Thought

Rachael Inciarte
object permanence

Holly Fortune Ratcliff
Baking Cookies with Bon Bon
Palm Gifts

Natasha Deonarain

Malcolm Glass
Hanged Man’s Song
Her Voice

Hayley Bowen
The German word for poison is gift
I find the hummingbird in still life

Phil Goldstein
The Day I Learned of W. S. Merwin and Fell in Love

Mary Ozbolt
On the occasion of my death
Spell to induce labor
Home remedy for a mild abscess

West Ambrose

Liam Strong
aftermath of harvest

Angela Siew
Premonitions of a Girl at the Witching Hour