Volume 4, Issue No. 3

♦♦♦ Flash Fiction ♦♦♦

Emma Johnson-Rivard
The Dancer in the Dark

Jon Kemsley
Return to Work

Katharine Blair
Gasping for Purchase

Lyle Roebuck
We Were Never Here

Patrick Malka
Happily, After

Annie Fiddy
Hat & Cravat

Matthew Warner
Tea Party

Ron Burch
The Dead

DC Diamondopolous
The Haunting of Piedras Blancas

Rebecca Fishow
When I Was Ten

Rolando Lopez
Mirror Talk

Gene Lass

Melissa Saggerer
Some Widows Talk to the Air

Nadia Staikos
On the Freedom to Eat Fruit


♦♦♦ Short Story ♦♦♦

Alys Wolf

Heather Santo
Voices from Inside Flowers

Ty Green
Red Inside and Out

Maureen O’Leary
Good Housekeeping

William Squirrel
In the Armies of Hell All the Soldiers Are Kings

Corey Farrenkopf
Birdwatching During the End Times

Brandon Ebinger
Autumn’s Being

Natascha Wood

Garrett Rowlan
My Last Suicide

Sam Rebelein
Everything You Ever Feared Was True Is True

Joe Cary

Peggy Lee
The Wheels Go Round and Round


♦♦♦ Essay / Short Criticism ♦♦♦

Amy Mackin
Seeing Ghosts: How Maya Angelou’s and Maxine Hong Kingston’s Memoirs Published in the 1970s Remain Eerily Relevant Today


♦♦♦ Poetry ♦♦♦

Jane Yolen
Cutting Turf
Gretel Mocks

Arielle Tipa

Adrienne Novy
Jeremy McKinnon Takes My Most Recent Depressive Episode & Nails It To a White Field, Acrylic on Canvas on Wood, 1964

Juliet Cook & Martin Willitts Jr.
Not Enough Variegation

R. C. deWinter
The Mirror

Haley Wooning
The Death of Pearls

Remi Recchia

Ken Anderson
Death As Your Persistent Lover

Amanda Tumminaro
The Night Is Closing In on Me

Peter Roberts
days and nights, going nowhere, come to an end
falling through

Ren Gay
Red Phosphorus

Syd Shaw
We, the Bones

S. M. Stubbs
New Friends
Joyous Throng
Plea to the Seamstress
Second Plea to the Seamstress
A Mother’s Goodbye

Jonathan Minton
Friday the 13th, Part 3
Friday the 13th, Part 4

Mackenzie McGee
What Remains of a Wasp’s Nest

Carrie Cook
The Daily Coronavirus Task Force Briefing
Examinations of the 2016 Electorate
Bluebeard’s Wife

Lynn Finger
The Silver-Haired Woman

Cathleen Cohen
Portrait of My Father

Madeleine Stokes
Death by Lover’s Hand

Maya Levine
I Sing a Song of Needles


♦♦♦ Art ♦♦♦

Jennifer Weigel
For the Ferryman