A Sonnet Tweet, Almost

Timothy Pilgrim


Bacchanal, bacillus, bucolic,
blithe. Also bathos, bastinado,
brusque — not all well known.
Beastly, this obsession
with B’s — brash, banal, base.
Mostly bad babble awaiting
an avenue to arrive, appease,
absolve, leave B words behind.
Achieve anew, appreciate,
not with breath, brazen, bizarre,
bold, but with beneficence.
I must anticipate abandonment,
accede, accept alteration, ascend.
Absolutely. No buts about it.




Timothy Pilgrim, a Montana native, Pacific Northwest poet and 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee with five hundred acceptances by journals such as Seattle Review, Santa Anna River Review, San Pedro River Review, Toasted Cheese, Windsor Review, Hobart, Sleet Magazine and Third Wednesday, is author of “Mapping water” (Flying Trout Press, 2016) and “Seduced by metaphor” (Cairn Shadow Press, 2021).