Death As Your Persistent Lover

Ken Anderson

When, like a drifting ghost dressed in a white shroud,
he knocks on your door and nods, “No more,”
how will you say, “Go wait out at the gate”?

When, like a graveyard’s grieving ground,
he rattles the chair and breaks a plate,
how will you say, “I wish you’d leave me alone”?

And when, like a mortuary mourning madly,
he crawls into your bed where you lie dead,
how will you, crying, shun his kiss’s grate?



Ken Anderson’s résumé includes The Intense Lover: A Suite of Poems; Someone Bought the House on the Island (a novel, finalist in the Independent Publishers Award); Hasty Hearts (a reprint of Someone plus ten short stories); The Statue of Pan (fiction), Sea Change: An Example of the Pleasure Principle (finalist for the Ferro-Grumley Award); Mattie Cushman: A Psychodrama (winner of the Louisiana College Writers First Place in Drama and Grand Prize); and Someone Bought the House on the Island: A Dream in Two Acts (winner of the Saints and Sinners Playwriting Contest).