falling through

Peter Roberts

i look into the night’s face
blank, flat, dull, void,
a wall no longer there, it
draws me through, through fear.

like the wall of sleep or death
this wall is not a barrier
(oh, how very much unlike
that wall unmoved by even love).

into cold unwelcoming
my empty heart & empty
mind are absence-welcomed
by no voice, no sign.

when i am myself again,
staring blank in night’s blank eyes,
my mind is clear & barren
with emptiness of fear.




Peter Roberts is a mathematically-educated poet who sometimes writes fiction. He has been contributing to various magazines and journals, online & off, for more than 45 years. See his slightly dated personal webpage, www.god-and-country.info/personal.html, where you can find links to lists of all his published poems & stories, if you look carefully. Some may find the rest of the website interesting as well.