Gretel Mocks

Jane Yolen

You there, in your cage,
Not so high and mighty now, bro?
A woman—an OLD woman—
captured you,
brought you low.
She’s teaching me how to cook.
You’re aren’t the boss of me anymore,
no matter what the old tales tell.
Witches rule, boys drool
as they say around these parts.
Your head will make
a fine decoration on the fence.
I will see it every morning,
every evening,
when I walk the wolves.



Jane Yolen’s 400th book was published in March of this year and since then five more have been brought out. She lives in Massachusetts and Connecticut with her new husband (she had been a widow, he a widower), and they sometimes write  books and poems together. She has three children, all of whom have many published books out, and six grandchildren–two of whom have books coming out. They have a secret plan to dominate world literature for the next fifty or so years. If there is still a literature. If there is still a world.