Requisition for a Selective Rapture

D. A. Borer

Rarely do I dream of a world without us, or at least without all of us, but some

are still here to eke out a hard survival

until Gaia selects the few to carry on

in balance


Sometimes do I dream of a world left behind after The Chosen launch and turn right

at Orion, head out with new hope

of a new place, in a galactic-capable shining sled captained by a child of Athena/Kirk,

Brigit/Spock, Minerva/Skywalker or some other quasi-virtuous coupling


Often do I dream of a world that emerges after my notarized

Requisition for a Selective Rapture

is fulfilled and everyone

not an ist or promoting an ism, everyone who rejects blind faith in commandments

of power lust and control, and refuses the engraved crusty blackened scribbled tomes/scrolls/books of crooked creeds authored by holier-than-thou hucksters

is saved,

Scarce as they may be


Always do I dream of a world

when ownership gives way to stewardship

when no right comes without responsibility

and when hoping for a rapture to solve our ills

is never dreamt again.




D. A. Borer roams the shores of the Monterey Bay. He has worked as a paperboy, general laborer, doodle-bugger, meat-packer, stone poacher, ranch-hand, and war college instructor. His poetry appears in The Write Launch and Sonder Midwest, and Rise Up Review, his prose in Montana Mouthful. Contact him at