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Over 60 selections of flash, short story, creative nonfiction, and poetry!  Beautifully designed by Coffin Bell art director Lindsey Turner with a matte black cover, bright white pages, and stunning text layout, this collection of dark literature will make a contribution to your library that you can come back to again and again.

“Great publication with solid contributors and excellent layout/features!”

“Beautiful journal, quality writing, from newbies to well-established authors, gorgeous layout!”

Beautiful collection of stories and poetry, from spooky ghost stories to deep and meaningful pieces that tackle the more difficult aspects of life, death, and the scope of human imagination. Excellent, highly recommend.”

“I’m in love with your journal. It will continue to shine and grow if you haven’t already been on the top ten literary journals of 2020. Your selected writers, as well as your reviewers, are just extraordinarily detail-oriented and with an added magical, theatrical punch that keeps me delighted through and through.”

Featuring work by Matthew Smart, Tihana Romanic, Andy Betz, K. A. Liedel, Jennifer Ihasz, M. Stone, Monet Sutch, Ray Ball, N. D. Coley, Joel Blackstock, John Timm, J. Motoki, Nicole Appleby, Lucinda Kempe, Clio Velentza, Abbey McLaughlin, Richard Reese, T. L. Sherwood, Stephen Watt, Melissa Tyndall, Kassie Shanafelt, Chad Haskins, Leopold Friedman, Rhonda Strong Gilmour, Eric Ortlund, Sjoerd van Wijk, Kathryn Rutz, Liora Sophie, Adam McCulloch, John Helden, Kim Chinquee, Holly Gaskin, Spencer Dawson, Lindsey Turner, Samuel J. Adams, Jason Heit, Rekha Valliappan, Michael Carter, William R. Soldan, Frank A. Possemato, Ian Steadman, Dayna Patterson, Natalie Turner, Sydney Brooman, Paul Lubaczewski, Alyson Faye, Savannah Slone, Michael Chin, Ron. Lavalette, Sarah L. King, Desiree Roundtree, Peter Boysen, Jennifer Lynn Krohn, and Jane Yolen.

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